What I’d love to see in Transformers 3

9 07 2009

Okay, so Transformers 2 isn’t what everybody wants it to be. But honestly I enjoyed it very much since I watched it in IMAX and the sights were spectacular, regarding of the story.

As for Transformers 3, I’d love to see some more drama for Autobots. Maybe some romantic side of Optimus Prime with Elita One. But please don’t bring in Rodimus Prime and other G2 characters yet. One of the problems with Transformers 2 is that they have a lot of Autobots and Decepticons to play with. So they need to juggle those characters carefully next time around.

What other Transformers character would you like to see? For me, aside from Elita One, I’d love to see Sunstreaker going into action side by side with Sideswipe. Perhaps Wheeljack and Perceptor. And since we have combiner robots like Devastator, maybe in the next Transformers we can see Superion vs. Bruticus!!

Just a thought :]


Devastator in Transformers 2?

11 09 2008

My God! I really wish this rumor is true. I found this news on Joblo.com saying that the rumor (at least for now) is that Devastator (Constructicon, if you will) is probably be in Transformers 2 after all. There was a rumor of Devastor couple of months but it faded away. They also posted some concept art for Devastator which looks pretty sweet. I really wish Devastator is in the next Transformers movie. Take a look.



Soul Calibur 4 – Transformerized

3 09 2008

I totally like this video. Think of the usual Soul Calibur game play, but in Transformers style! This is obviously fan-made but it’s just so awesome. Check it out.

Soul Calibur 4 - Transformers-ized

Soul Calibur 4 - Transformers-ized

My Top 5 Transformers Characters

5 08 2008

5. Constructicon: Of course, just the concept of six construction cars combine into one giant robot is just cool

enough to be on the list.

4. Jazz: One loud-mouth robot that knows how to rock and jazz his way into the battlefield.

3. Wheeljack: Autobot’s finest inventor with brains for every combat situation. Gotta love theguy.

2. Starscream: a semi-confidante to Megatron but looking to overthrow him any chance he gets. Couldn’t get

any better than that, haha.

1. Optimus Prime: an ideal leader of the Autobot. A kind of leader that can die for his teammates. You couldn’t

ask for more. Transform and roll out.