What I’d love to see in Transformers 3

9 07 2009

Okay, so Transformers 2 isn’t what everybody wants it to be. But honestly I enjoyed it very much since I watched it in IMAX and the sights were spectacular, regarding of the story.

As for Transformers 3, I’d love to see some more drama for Autobots. Maybe some romantic side of Optimus Prime with Elita One. But please don’t bring in Rodimus Prime and other G2 characters yet. One of the problems with Transformers 2 is that they have a lot of Autobots and Decepticons to play with. So they need to juggle those characters carefully next time around.

What other Transformers character would you like to see? For me, aside from Elita One, I’d love to see Sunstreaker going into action side by side with Sideswipe. Perhaps Wheeljack and Perceptor. And since we have combiner robots like Devastator, maybe in the next Transformers we can see Superion vs. Bruticus!!

Just a thought :]


The Demise of General Motors?

6 08 2008

I found this article on the New York Times and it’s about the downfall that General Motors is facing now. Considering the long tradition and heritage that General Motors has so far, the company is facing quite a serious problem and a major loss throughout the year. It also needs to compete with car manufacturers worldwide. The main problem is that this, to me, is no longer the day and age for gigantic pick-up truck or SUV cars. What we need now is cars that can get from one place to another place but also save gas for us. In the area where I live, I see at least five Smart cars – those cars that really tiny for 2 passengers but I heard that they save on a gas mileage.

Maybe what General Motors needs now is a new Research and Development focus – focusing more on how to save gas mileage but also retain the very brand of General Motors. Just a thought.

General Motors

General Motors