A story of grad student in Boston. With many interests in mind – photography, art, movies, video games, innovation, technology, love, etc., this blog is gonna be funnn.


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22 07 2008

Ah, me thinks I found your blog! It is quite interesting. If you follow the link back it does not take you to Creative Doodling however. Sorry. It takes you to my main site. I keep several. You have a great place here. I will bookmark it on my Creative Doodling and check back as I can. Thank you for checking out my site as well! ~ Sensualist

22 07 2008

Thank you very much for bookmarking my site on your blog :]

23 07 2008

I have a question about your posts. Each of them have a series of what I will call computer language or something at the beginning. I am not sure what it is. Could you tell me? Is it supposed to be a photo or video that is not being read correctly?

23 07 2008

It supposes to be photo for each of the post. Strange, my screen doesn’t show any of those codes.

8 08 2008

hi! nice blog u got here.. mind exchanging links ? keke we have the same theme too 😛

10 07 2009

Hello, Just wondering where in the world did you stumble upon those tea cup dolls??? Love the site by the way.

24 01 2011

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the offer but I’m not interested.


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