Nice gesture from Andrew Garfield at Comic Con

25 07 2011

I wish I was at Comic Con’s Sony Panel with the new Spider-Man movie. I think the entire hall was surprised to see that Garfield (the guy, not the cat), the new Peter Parker, was among them all the time. I really like with what he said – “This is the coolest moment of my life”. Class act. Check it out on Yahoo News.


Good bye, Borders

24 07 2011

It’s really sad to see Borders shutting down. I know there are lots of business out there that are closing down but I feel more attached to Borders. Sure, it’s nice to get your books online via Amazon and numerous websites but it’s also a nice change of pace to just stroll down to your bookstore and sit in there for hours.

I hope Borders would make a comeback somehow but I doubt it. This time: Borders. But what next?