Tron: Legacy – My Take (**Spoilers Alert**)

1 01 2011

After more than a decade, Tron: Legacy, a sequel to groundbreaking Tron is now released.

I just got a chance to watch Tron: Legacy although I can’t watch it in IMAX 3D because I have to take out my reading glasses (I’m shortsighted). But Tron: Legacy 2D is enough me. Tron: Legacy has a really nice visual and special effects to keep you glue to your seats. I think those who don’t know or haven’t watched the original Tron might not enjoy Tron: Legacy as much as those who have. For me, people who grew up in the 1980s will have a blast from watching Tron: Legacy.

It maybe just me but by 3rd act I was a little lost with the plot but it’s still an enjoyable film. But everytime I watched Jeff Bridges (as Kevin Flynn), I couldn’t help but think of him as The Dude more than Flynn himself. The whole movie, for me, has two themes – the relationship between father and son (Kevin and Sam Flynn) and the power struggle of Kevin and CLU. Speaking of CLU, the “de-aging” process that made CLU looked like Jeff Bridges in his 30s looked marvelous although at some shots it looked too obvious that it’s computer generated. Still, good effects though. Another nice touch for Tron: Legacy is the lovely Olivia Wilde – a sight for sore eyes after watching lots of neon-glowing black suits.

Aside from all that I have mentioned, Tron: Legacy is an enjoyable film albeit some plotholes. It has a groundbreaking visual aspect into it. And who isn’t pumped up or got goosebump when “Separate Ways” by Journey was played at the arcade? Flynn Lives!!




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