Frank Sinatra’s Biopic

16 05 2009

I just heard from that Martin Scorsese is eyeing to make a biopic of Frank Sinatra. I’m sure Scorsese can make this movie work. But who should play Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack?

I can’t think who should play Sinatra yet. But I think that George Clooney would be perfect for Dean Martin. Clooney has that cool, suave look. Let’s face it: his Batman version isn’t that good but he makes Bruce Wayne work as a millionaire playboy. With some look adjusted, he’d be perfect for Dean Martin.

Then, Miles Davis, Jr. Who should play him? I can only think of Don Cheadle. Cheadle is such a versatile actor. He can play almost any role. Plus, he’s also a good friend of Clooney in real life. That can really integrate into the chemistry of The Rat Pack boys.

But yeah, I can’t think of who should play Frank Sintra and Peter Lawford yet. What’s your thoughts on this?


Three Days of Condor: Remake or Not Remake?

16 05 2009

I just watched Three Days of Condor on a re-release DVD from the local company here. And for more than 20 years, the movie is still look fresh, despite the dated technology. Think about it. What the movie tries to communicate is make us think and keep us guessing on how Condor will end up. Especially the ending, in the original it’s up to us whether they print the story that Condor told them or not. Think about it: they can change the ending into a blog or YouTube. They can also change or tweak some plot and modernize it.

It could be another Bourne movie but less action but it’s an espionage movie that still stands out among the crowd.