AIG’s Executive VP quitted – with a vengeance!

26 03 2009

I know I haven’t blogged for quite a while but this is something that really catch my attention.

This is the letter that Jake DeSantis, former executive VP at AIG, wrote to the company CEO Mr. Liddy when he submitted his resignation. Looks like DeSantis wouldn’t go without the last laught. Don’t get me wrong. I read that letter. Well, most of the contents were posted on that Yahoo site anyway. My point is this guy is so bold! He did expose something that presumably AIG insiders would only know. But now that the truth is out (and I really hope that that is the truth DeSantis was writing), it should be the right time that the government clean up Wall Street mess – making it cleaner and less less complicated, I mean.

My wish is to wish all this worldwide economic downturn be solved as soon as possible. Hopefully. Check out the link for the said letter.

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News