My Review on 007 Quantum of Solace

15 11 2008


I just had a chance to watch the new Quantum of Solace yesterday and here is my review.

The movie reminds me a lot of Licence to Kill. Sure, Bond is on his revenge path after what happened to Vesper Lynd. That’s probably why most of the action scenes are very rough and even action-packed more than Casino Royale. But let’s try not to compare this with Casino Royale. It’s a different context. Casino Royale played out smooth and not fast-paced as it involved a lot of poker game. But, like I said, Quantum of Solace is where Bond is in his revenge mode.

I like Quantum of Solace. I really do. But the problem of this film is its plot. The evil villain’s plot is not that clearly explained and I had to assume that “Oh, so that’s the plan” kind of thing. That’s probably why Quantum of Solace is shorter than average James Bond film.

Other problems include the use of characters. I still want to know why they add Agent Fields (Gemma Ward) into this film. Honestly this film would do fine without her, really. Her running time is very short. As for the villain, Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) looks very slimy and seems like a memorable villain but personally he turns out just to be an ordinary villain. Sure, he has his evil scheme of taking the targeted country’s water resources but this wasn’t clearly explained the film either. We usually see a grand finale fight between Bond and the villain of the movie. We had that too in Quantum of Solace but honestly the villain was just very irritating in the fight. Don’t get me wrong. The fight was greatly choreographed but the villain was just plain irritating. If the character is supposed to be irritating, then Greene succeeded.

For Bond himself, Daniel Craig really proves that he can be a real-world Bond. Most people might not be familiar with his version of Bond. We have a suave spy era (with Sean Connery) and a fantasy-plot spy (with Roger Moore). And now we have a more fast-paced and action-oriented spy (with Craig, of course). Olga Kurylenko also proved to be quite a good Bond girl although she had her own agenda unlike normal Bond girls but that what made her stand out.

The very reason that I like Quantum of Solace is its continuity with Casino Royale as the movie literally picked up after what Casino Royale left. Even some of the score also had its own continuity. For example, in any scene that had Vesper Lynd mentioned or Bond’s reminiscence of her, we heard the “Vesper” score track from Casino Royale.

All in all, Quantum of Solace may not be a top-notch entry in James Bond 007 franchise but it’s sure to please any moviegoer and a solid entry for Daniel Craig’s James Bond.




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16 11 2008

One question…how do you have a Bond without Q and gadgets? This was a great Biritish Bourne but definitely not a Bond…sorry.

17 11 2008
CM Fleetwood

Watched the film last night and have to admit to being completely underwhelmed. The plot was wafer thin, the villain was as dangerous as an accountant on Mogadon and the director, clearly so afraid of dialogue and character, tried to cover the plot holes with as much action as possible. But apart from the aerial scene, the chase and fight sequences were so rushed there was no sense of engagement or excitement. It was the visual equivalent of listening to Pinky and Perky or the Chipmunks singing but speeded up.
I loved Casino Royale, but Quantum is dire! If it had not been a Bond film, but for Daniel Craig manfully carrying the whole thing, it would have been branded a turkey. This was the ultimate example of style over substance. And don’t get me started over the screeching of Alicia Keys on the discordant soundtrack! Sorry, yes it is a Bond film but we really need to take the blinkers off and recognise this for the rubbish it is. As a lifelong Bond fan, I never thought I would ever say I had not enjoyed a Bond film.
Time to rethink and stop trying to make Bond a copy of Bourne/ Max Payne etc. Whatever else is said, Mr Craig is as close to Fleming’s Bond as we have ever seen (brilliant) but the script was little better than a pop video!

4 12 2008

not really interested with Bond though, now i’m curiously interested bout the plot… thanx for sharing 🙂

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