Tea Cups

26 09 2008

These tea cup dolls are so cute. Check them out.

Tea Cup Dolls

Tea Cup Dolls




6 responses

26 09 2008

awww.. so cute..:)

5 11 2010

daww, where can i buy one? this is going at the top of my christmas list.

6 11 2010

Yeah, they are cute, aren’t they? I wish I could buy one too. I found them on the Internet a long time ago and thought it was cute so I posted it in my blog and linked back to the original site. The original link is probably changed now though.

4 02 2010

hey i am doing an art project at 6thform based on the mad hattaz tea party. it is a textiles based project and this type of work would fit in perfect for what i aim to create, could you tell me a little about your work and why you did it?x

5 02 2010

Hi, I am not an artist and I didn’t make the item myself. I came across with the article many months ago and I just blogged about it. That’s all. I myself wish I could have one.

2 04 2010

when I look at it to me It’s like so cute,adorable, and down right lovable i saw this picture but on a different web site the pic was taken in a cafe called “au lait as meme” and obviously it’s a total french cafe, it reminds me about this stuffed cute soda can I had before

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