Cell Phone as a Car Key?

26 09 2008

Apparently Sharp has joined forced with Nissan in creating a cellphone that can act as a car key. Quite nice! I’m not sure if this picture I found on Artcatchr is the finalized product or not. But it’s still quite an interesting take on the whole cellphone and automobile industries. The cellphone is expected to hit the market in 2009. Take a look at the article in the mean time.

Cellphone as a car key?

Cellphone as a car key?




3 responses

27 09 2008

Almost all cellphones have bluetooth and only thing we need is an blue tooth receiver in the car and a simple micro system that decodes and authorizes the blue tooth signal from the phones.

What i am not understanding is why are they giving this petty things as the plus point to big things like new car. New car needs to be good by the virtue of its own goodness not because it has a cellphone key. And wait a minute, next time when you change the phone will you change the car too ?

27 09 2008

Hmm, that’s a good point you pointed out. They didn’t say about that too. Perhaps the manufacturer is giving us either spare key or spare cellphone, haha.

28 09 2008

Lol. What else will cell phone companies come up with. Give it a few years and they will imbed car alarms in cell phones.

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