President Bush’s Speech on Financial Crisis

25 09 2008

I just watched President Bush’s speech on financial issue crisis. All in all I’d say I agree with him. At least President Bush admitted that the financial crisis is serious. That’s a good start. He pretty much summed up the topic and I’m glad that he explained why the economy needs this bail out. President Bush said this would reduce the risk, of course. And this vast bailout or the so-called rescue effort isn’t aiming at any particular company but to help the entire nation. That’s a good start.

Perhaps it is best for the economy to have the intervention from the government before things get worse. But seriously, this bailout is a very large amount of money and it’s a big gamble for the government. Like I said in the previous post, a very risky move but so crazy that it might actually work.

Let’s just hope that this plan won’t backfire.




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