The Dark Knight for Oscar?

12 09 2008

So far I think we all know how awesome The Dark Knight is. I can’t remember if any previous Batman movies were released specifically with Oscar-attention in mind. Apparently The Dark Knight will be released some time around January with Oscar intention in mind. I really hope The Dark Knight would at least be nominated for 2 or 3 nominations. We’ll see.

The Joker

The Joker




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12 09 2008

The Dark Knight being re-released in January is a start to be acknowledged by The Academy, but it’s going to take a lot more careful campaigning to get anywhere. The Dark Knight will surely get a number of technical Oscar nominations, but as for the Big 8, the only practical nomination seems to be Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor. Nonetheless, there is still hope that TDK could squeak into some more of the major categories. It’s the best superhero film of all time. It’s impossible to ignore the $500+ million that the movie has grossed. No matter what other movie comes out this year, 2008 will be known for the year TDK was released and smashed records. The Academy will definitely take TDK into consideration, but as for pushing it into the Top 5 for Best Picture… that might be a stretch.

12 09 2008

Yeah, for The Dark Knight to be in one of Best Pictures nomination might be hard to do. Even so, if The Dark Knight is to be nominated for a few nominations, I’ll just be very happy. I remember that all of Batman movies (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman Begins) were nominated for various Oscar nominations. But it was only Batman (1989) that won the Oscar for Best art-direction and set-decoration. It would be a real triumph if The Dark Knight can actually win some Oscars.

15 09 2008

I say this with the upmost seriousness: If TDK does not get nominated for direction, editing, best adapted screenplay, and best picture, I’ll be astonished. Oh, and Heath’s a lock and will definitely win, and looking at what’s to come I feel pretty certain this motion picture will be oing just fine come Feb.09.

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