My Take on Google Chrome

6 09 2008

I’ve been playing around Google Chrome for a few days now. It looks very clean (kinda look similar to Safari) comparing to a very ad-clustered Internet Explorer. What I like is the Incognito mode that ensure users that their website viewing history won’t be recorded on that mode. You can also drag the tabs around – either make them one of your tabs in the current window or make them into separate windows. Some of the downsides so far is that some websites still need advance plug-in in order to use the special feature. On the other hand, I use Firefox to access that same website and it works just fine. Possibly because I already installed most of the plug-ins for Firefox.

Google Chrome has a great potential. Of course, it’s still in Beta phase but it can be developed throughout time. But for now, I prefer my Firefox.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome




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