War Machine?

10 08 2008

Is it just me or that thing in the background is AT-AT Walker from Star Wars?

War Machine?




5 responses

8 10 2009
Sgt McDaniels

Yes you are correct, it was an early proto-typed developed after the Spanish /American war but utilized by the British Army. There were only three of it’s kind after the Germans destroyed them. George Lucas took the idea of from these proto-types.

9 10 2009
hdmi 1.4

yes, i think they used an up armoured version but more steady type of stabiliser taken from the previous models :0

17 05 2010
Evan C

what were they called in the british army?

17 05 2010

I don’t know that either.

18 05 2010

u got to be kidding me…. that is so photoshoped…….. they didnt have the tech back then to make that kinda thing lift a leg without falling….. if u think that this is real you really need to stop believeing everything you see on wikapedia…. the internet lies…. omg this is ridiculus……….

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