The Dark Knight: The Voice

5 08 2008

Okay, first of all I’m a foreigner and English is my 2nd language. So when I watched The Dark Knight, I didn’t Bale’s voice as Batman that clearly. I thought that it maybe just me. But Yahoo News has this article saying that most people who watch The Dark Knight have the same problem as me – Bale’s voice. Don’t get me wrong here. I like Bale’s voice of Batman. It has this sense of growling and grunting enough to scare off the villains. However, in some scenes, I couldn’t hear him, as Batman, that clearly.

I once read a magazine article couple of years ago when Batman Begins was in theater. Bale said (but don’t quote me on this :] ) the Batman’s cowl somehow tightening up or something and made his voice went deeper and hence the growl and grunting voice.

I’d say his voice was effective indeed. But he could ease that up a little and made his Batman’s voice a bit clearer for the next Batman installment.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Bruce Wayne/Batman



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