Top 10 Batman’s Rogue Galleries

1 08 2008

10. Mad Hatter: for me he’s always been a very annoying villain. Although in some certain storylines he might

have a big role, he’s still annoying to me.

9. Firefly: Firefly looks more like an arsonist to me rather than being a real villain for Batman.

8. Poison Ivy: okay, I know we suppose to go green in this day and age but various incarnations of Poison Ivy

don’t get through me, except the 1992 Animated Series version.

7. Killer Croc: okay, he got that physical power to smash Batman and especially he has big role in “Hush”

storyline. But aside from that, I’m not that hip about him.

6. Clayface: Clayface has always been an underrated villain. And, of course, there has to be some kind of shape-

shifting villain in most superhero stories.

5. Two-Face & Scarecrow: I give these two a tie. Two-Face is one of the most famous Batman villain but also has

some disadvtanges (his coin, perhaps). For Scarecrow, without the fear toxin, he wouldn’t be that much of

worthy adversary for Batman.

4. Hush: as far as I know, Hush only has one storyline, right? But even so, he manages to fool around with

Batman’s head and get him on a wild goose chase. Hush’s background is also awesome.

3. Mr. Freeze: Mr. Freeze has always been a tragic hero for me. Well, in this case, a tragic villain. His motive in

doing things is noble (well, that’s just me) but dangerous to others at the same time. With his sole

dedication, Mr. Freeze is a true villain for Batman

2. The Joker: The Joker has always and will be the highlight of Batman saga. He’s more like an opposite version

of Batman. A villain that puts his dedication to chaos and pandemonium. His only problem? He’s met his

match in a form of Batman.

1. Bane: Reason that I give Bane number 1 spot is he has both brain and muscle. Considering the Knightfall

storyline, he orchestrated the Arkham Asylum prison break and let them break loose on Gotham. While

seeing Batman fight them, he’s waiting for the right moment to go one on one with Batman. His legendary

move? He broke Batman’s back! For me, that makes him a number 1 Batman’s rogue galleries.




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