Would you count online reading as ‘reading’?

28 07 2008

I found this interesting article on the New York Times website. The article is more like a debate about whether or not online reading should be considered as ‘reading’. Some may only think of reading as to read an actual published material e.g. books, newspapers. Nowadays in the digital age, we have more options for reading e.g. blogs like Technorati, online newspapers like the New York Times that I am reading now, or even Wikipedia. Even the way we read traditional book has changed. Think of Amazon Kindle. Though I myself never use the Kindle device before, but if I’m not mistaken, Kindle users can download books or materials they want to read electronically to their Kindle devices. It w

ould be an interesting picture to have two persons at a table. One reading a traditional book and the other one reading an e-book like Kindle or similar devices.

Quite an interesting article as well as a food for thought. Take a look.






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