Who should be the villain for the next Batman installment?

23 07 2008

**Major Spoilers Warning**

Now that we have The Joker and Two-Face for The Dark Knight. And I’m pretty sure that no one can top the performance of The Joker set by Heath Ledger. The idea of having The Joker back is out of the picture. So question is: who should be the villain for the next Batman film?

Nolan already set the tone for his Batman movie – a superhero movie that grounded in reality. So the idea of having colorful character run amok might be a bit silly. The way The Dark Knight ends with the opportunity to explore certain storylines from Batman’s arc. Now that Batman is considered as an outlaw. There must be some sort of extreme circumstances that needs Batman to handle so he could redeem himself in the eyes of Gotham citizen.

“Hush” storyline seems like a perfect match. But then again, it involves pretty much all of Batman’s rogue galleries. It would prove impossible to do so. To lay the background for character Thomas Elliot would at least eat up the entire first act. My take is “No Man’s Land”. The way The Dark Knight ends with a note that all of the major crime bosses in Gotham City might be undone as Dent himself turns to Two-Face. “No Man’s Land” seems like the next logical step. Now that Batman is an outlaw and on the run, all the pandemonium can break lose. Within this chaos, there should one or two villains who signify the entire Gotham City’s villains – who dare to fight and defy our Caped Crusader. I’d love to see Bane be THAT villain. Please erase that horrible Bane character from Batman & Robin. The real Bane is a mastermind villain – tactically smart, physically strong, and he broke Batman’s back. Bane can be THE villain that can bring Batman back to his Gotham City’s savior status should he beat Bane.

So what do you guys think? Who should be the villain in the next Batman installment?




4 responses

23 07 2008

Hugo Strange, The Penguin, & Catwoman would work best in Nolan’s Gotham City.

27 07 2008

Catwoman seems like the prime candidate.

Funny, the Batman movie pointed toward Catwoman, I do believe. Think about it:


Wayne asks Fox if the armor he’s developed can stop dogs. Fox answers with a question, asking if it’s a Rottweiler or a Chihuahua, then finishes by saying: “It will definitely stop CATS”

You tell me? Seems like they’re pointing at her to me.

16 08 2008

Best fit for next installment would be The Riddler played by Hugh Laurie.

26 05 2009

The Riddler should be the next bad guy, and played by Johnny Depp… Yeah yeah…

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