TiVo + Amazon = Marketers’ Dream

23 07 2008



I just read an article from New York Times saying that TiVo will introduce the use of Amazon.com online shopping experience with its set-top boxes.

So this is probably how it works: you view your programs on TiVo as usual. Then you might see a product being advertised on shows like The Daily Show and you want to get your hands on that product. Then you use the Amazon.com feature on your TiVo and start shopping for that product. Or you can save that purchase for later and return to The Daily Show viewing pleasure.

That sounds awesome to me, honestly. The concept of integrating media and consumption always intrigue me. Ask yourself this: when you were kids, when you watched Saturday morning cartoons, e.g. M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, Transformers, and you see toy commercials and you want one. Now we can do that instantly. Of course, it would take Amazon a few days to ship the items to you but you get my point. It sounds similar to Home Shopping Network though. But you don’t have to dial a phone.

One big question here is that the idea of having services like TiVo or similar services, you get to skip the commercials. They better come up with some plans as to how to advertise products properly without having people skip the actual commercials. Product placement, anyone? If done properly, product placement might work? But I’m wondering what if people order movies from Amazon Video on Demand, say Casino Royale, and they want to buy James Bond’s Omega Seamaster Professional, can they simultaneously buy the watch online?

Interesting concept and article nonetheless.




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