The Joker

21 07 2008

I’m sure most people have the chance to check out The Dark Knight this weekend. The movie is awesome, no question about it. Every acting performance was top notch. And, of course, major standing ovation to the late Heath Ledger and his performance as The Joker.

I remember that the first time I saw this picture months ago when the Joker was revealed in full costume. I was just “wow”. This is a different take on The Joker but still maintain his essential appearance. Back then I had doubt if Heath could pull it off. This weekend I was completely blown away by Ledger. His portrayal as the Clown Prince of Crime was unpredictable. It was a different take from what Jack Nicholson did back in 1989’s Batman by Tim Burton. Ledger’s take is more menacing. One of his lines is “This city needs a better class of criminal”. Comparing to other villains in The Dark Knight, The Joker is truly a better class of criminal because there’s no one like him – a worthy adversary of Batman.

It’s very unfortunate that Ledger passed away before his time. I’m sure if he’s still around, he’d be the talk of the town with his performance as The Joker and possibly catapult him into bigger stardom.

The Joker

The Joker




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