Hello world

15 07 2008

Hi everybody,

I meant to do this for quite awhile but has been putting it off until now. My friend recommends WordPress to me as it seems to be more effective than other blogging sites. And I guess now it’s the time for me to do this before I get sleepy, hehe.

My name is Varot and I’m a graduate student from Thailand. Honestly it’s been a rollercoaster-ride year for me – half way around the world from home and all that stuffs. But fun, nonetheless. It’s fun meeting from all walks of life here at Emerson College, where I’m studying.

Now I’m interning at For Art’s Sake Media – a start-up company here in Boston (http://www.forartssakemedia.com/about/).  I was hesitant at first but my American professor back home told me that this would be an opportunity for me. So I asked him why. He said if I intern at big companies, sure they are big companies but they might not care you about that much and probably let you go wander around somewhere, hehe. But I’m glad that made the right decision interning here. You might ask why, so here’s your answer.

At For Art’s Sake Media, their goal is to be THE destination to connect artists all over the world for them to exchange their ideas. Simply put it: empowering art through technology. I like their concept, really. Right now the Internet has many social networking websites for many professions but not for artists. So why not creating one for artists? That’s what For Art’s Sake Media stands for,

I’ve been interned here for almost 2 months now and I can say that it is a rewarding experience. I’ll tell you more in my next post. Stay Tune




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